Hello,and welcome to my corset page. This is my first attempt at a web page, (at the age of 62!),so I hope you'll bear with me!

About me
I am a 62 year old widow living in England and have spent the whole of my working life in the corsetry business, having originally trained as a corsetiere in the late 1950's. I have 1 son and 2 daughters and have been widowed for 12 years. My many hobbies include writing, walking and dancing, and indulging my grandchildren!

My corset history
During the late 1950's
,(1959, in fact), I was working in a small corsetry shop and planning to marry the following year. At that time, I had a 30" waist and wanted to reduce a little so I bought a lightweight satin corset and reduced my waist by some 2 - 3 inches. The effect was sensational, (well, I thought so) and I then decided to embark on more serious waist reduction. I bought a much stronger corset and over the next 2 years reduced my waist to 20", where it has remained to this very day.

People's reactions
Most people thought I was mad to go for such "extreme" reduction, including my husband, who never came to terms with my tight - lacing. My children, and many friends, have also thought it rather strange but one or two have shown some interest. However, it has to be said, I tight - lace primarily for my own enjoyment and the way it makes me look.

A few corset pictures
  As you can see, I prefer good old - fashioned corsetry.There's no substitute for strong boning and
stiff fabric, in my opinion
    Well, I hope my first little effort is of some interest. If anyone would like to write to me, I would be delighted to hear from them. My E - mail address is
One other thing. I am very keen to get some information on "Streamline" rubber corsetry, a range of garments sold
in England during the 1950's.If anyone can help, I'd be very grateful.